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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 13, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

5:00 pm and answer the question who was right about presidential power senator obama or president obama. go to gretawire. up next the o'reilly factor. good night. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> how many of those that have signed up that have enrolled in obamacare have paid their premium? >> i can't tell that you sir because i don't know that. >> once again, health and human services secretary sebelius does not know crucial details about the obamacare program she oversees. kind of shocking. we will tell you what's going on is beyonce bad for your kids? that is what bill o'reilly seems to think. hi, everybody, and welcome to entertainment tonight. >> the entertainment industry outraged that the factor would call out beyonce for harming unsupervised young girls. laura ingraham some thoughts on that. >> opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces
5:01 pm
the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some had hundred years. >> according to congresswoman lee the constitution was forged in 1614. the same year poke hun married john rolfe. shouldn't elected officials know the country's history? >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. president obama and your paycheck. that is the subject of this east coast's talking points memo. this afternoon, the president signed an executive order raising the overtime pay level for working americans. the president did this to combat what he calls income inequality. so here's the deal. right now american' cans are not required to pay overtime if a worker on salary makes more than $24,000 a year.
5:02 pm
now that flesh hold could rise to $50,000 with the president's action today. so, if you are earning less than 50 k, your employer has to pay you time and a half if you work more than 40 hours. liberal americans see this as a great thing. today the "new york times" editorial quote by reasserting a meaningful right to overtime the order could lift pay for estimated a million workers a week in the process help to mitigate the weighed stagnation and income inequality that increasingly plague the american economy, unquote. well, that's not true. as the wowrm points out the cut back of hours and a loss of jobs. companies have three options if they want to sustain their current profits. one, higher few if aer employees on salary. two, cut back their hours so they don't work overtime and three pass the overtime cost to consumers in the form of higher prices. so while in theory the
5:03 pm
president's helping workers he may be actually hurting them. talking points does support a rise in the minimum wage if we want to get people off welfare, we should pay them 10 bucks an hour. that's incentive. it's good policy. of course there would be exceptions for teenagers and restaurant workers who get tips. the president is trying to manage the private economy. as everybody knows that effort has failed for the past five years. going to be stuck. many corporations are not hiring. companies are hoarding money overseas to avoid taxes. and the social justice taxation system in general means consumers have less money to spend. but president obama is a theorytecian a man who looks at the world through what should be. the unintended consequences of his economic policies have held the person economy back big time. talking points wants american workers to makes a much money as possible. the way to do that is job creation by the private sector.
5:04 pm
the more good paying jobs the more competition for good workers. have you got to fill them. so salaries rise. that's how you overcome income inequality. that's the memo now. now for the top story overnight. embarrassment. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius has botched the affordable healthcare law from the very beginning, we all know that yesterday, testifying in front of house ways and means committee, miss sebelius once again looked foolish. >> you mentioned in your opening remarks 4.2 million people have signed up on the exchange. and i want to get to some the concerns that others have. how many of those that have signed up that have enrolled in obamacare have paid their premium? >> i can't tell you that, sir, because i don't know that how many of the 4.2 were previously insured. >> i do not know that, sir. >> joining us now from southern california to comment on that sebelius and the overtime situation james
5:05 pm
carville. still like kathleen in that job? you have been sticking up for her. do you still like her. >> she doesn't have the information enroll with the health insurance companies if they call insurance companies who have enrolled they would the information. the government doesn't have that they set up the exchange and i think that's what she was trying to say. >> the government sets up the exchange and the private insurance companies come into the exchange and the government can ask the private -- indeed demand under this affordable healthcare law that that data be processed over so it know what is it is talking about. >> they can also cut out the middle man and go right to the private insurance companies and ask them. >> the congress wants to report to we the people. that's why elect the congress as you know. they want to report how things are going and ms. sebelius doesn't know how many people are paying premiums or how many people were uninsured ahead of time carville did you ever see -- >> -- come back to me. we have seen enough of her.
5:06 pm
have you ever seen the three monkeys like this and that? have you ever seen that cartoon? come on. >> the fact of the matter is, i want to be very specific. if it was medicare or medicaid the government would have the information because they are the insurer. they are not the insurers of the affordable care act. >> all they have to do is ask them. >> maybe she will ask for it now. >> maybe she will ask for it now? carville, she is testifying -- >> -- you are confusing government insurance like medicare with private insurance like the affordable care act. she doesn't have the information. >> carville, listen to yourself. >> i am. >> she doesn't have the information. >> right. >> why not? she can get it and she is testifying in front of house ways and means and she comes in it's like sergeant schultz remember hogan's heros you? look a little like beboau. i know nothing. come on. >> this act is working. i'm going to be proven right. >>' of course it is.
5:07 pm
>> there is no information how do you know it is. >> i bet you there is going to be 5.3 million sign up at the end of march. >> you betcha. you have so much faith. i love that about you. >> i do. >> let's go to the overtime business. okay? >> sure. i think both carville and i have common ground. both working class guys and come from that background. i want all workers to makes a much ot as possible. there are companies that exploit workers. i was exploited on my way up by some company cans. i found a better job by a different company that didn't exemployed me. what's going to happen is fewer jobs, fewer overtime first of all let me point out that there has been significantly better private sector job creation under this. let's get that clear. >> carville, how you can say that when the median income has dropped $7,000 for the american worker?
5:08 pm
there is significant more private sector job creation under president obama than there was under president bush. >> are they janitor jobs? door man jobs? >> i can be fact checked on this throw this propaganda stuff out. median income for americans have dropped 7 grand. >> because we had a financial -- there there is better private sector creation. >> if that would be true income would be going up and it doesn't. it's going down. >> incomes have been stagnant since 1973. in terms of the overtime. this was something that was passed in 1938 the idea and hadn't been adjusted since 1975. you know, overtime. >> if times were flush and the economy was roaring i would say okay. but now you are going to make it worse just like obamacare is restraining
5:09 pm
hiring. >> it's not made it worse. it has had no effect. obamacare had no effect on losing workers from full time to part time. >> all the data says that small business is hiring less because of the mandates. >> no. no. >> yes, yes. >> doesn't apply to the mandate. the mandate doesn't apply to it bill. >> no they had to delay it because the hiring was so bad. carville, you are getting your butt kicked again tonight. >> not at all. >> you are getting your butt kicked. i'm very comfortable with my facts. dispute my facts. job creation under president obama significantly better under president bush. fact. >> median income come down 7 grabbed doesn't mean a wig. >> because of the financial crisis. >> james carville, everybody. you might want to check out the book love and war. 20 years, three presidents, two daughters and one louisiana home. written by carville and his wife mary matlin. entertaining book. rundown, entertainment industry angry that i, your humble correspondent would call out the singer beyonce about how young girls are
5:10 pm
processing her raunchy video. laura ingraham on that. miller, live tonight on a cat that terrorized a family. the factor is coming right back. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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♪ ♪ ♪ nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center.
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hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. prking unsupervised american children. as you may know president obama signed initiative called my brother's keeper which encourages american corporations to help children at risk. it's a good initiative. one of the thing that it does not address is the the crude culture. the entertainment if i have is marketing that crude culture to impressionable kids. earlier this week, i said the singer beyonce worth an estimated $350 million does not have to put out a raunchy product that might hurt young girls. well, the entertainment
5:14 pm
industry doesn't like that at all. is beyonce bad for our kids that's what bill o'reilly happens to think. welcome it entertainment tonight it shouldn't come as a big surprise. the man who loves to stir up controversy this is not a deposition but actually it may have felt like one for music mogul russell simmons who went on the show to promote a book and then he was hit like this. entertainer like beyonce and music mogul. >> on the pretext talk about my book and he blindsided me. >> that's complete bull. blindsided him. simmons knew we were going to talk about the music industry. what did he think give him six minutes on dopey book? come on we don't do that to anybody. simmons is too frightened to answer the questions. he blindsided me. what do you live on mars? i mean you know what this show is joining us now from washington laura ingraham who first brought the beyonce video to my attention. >> don't blind side me.
5:15 pm
>> i know he meditates a lot 24/7. he has been on this show before. >> knock it off butter cup. >> let me get this on the record. our producer told heir him hey we are going to talk about the music industry and what's going on and all of that. there is a lot of money in play here. there is a tremendous amount of money in this entertainment pipeline, this music industry, rap, hip hop, video, all of it ties in. and the entertainment industry tends it protect its own. and that's why the attacks on me are coming. what say you? >> yeah, bill, you are right. beyonce, jay-z, they are entertainment royalty and they circle the wagons to protect their big money makers. >> you bet. >> i will say, bill, that they do make moral judgments. this idea that the market dictates it it's these record companies that are to blame. this is what the public wants. that's salacious argument. they probably would find an
5:16 pm
audience, bill, for hip hop that was gay bashing or anti-semitic or had racist undertones or in some way not palatable or not politically correct, they wouldn't support that, he they wouldn't put it out, they wouldn't say well, some in the market who really want this skin head hip hop, they wouldn't do it, right? because we have made a collective judgment as a society that we want to try to, if we can protect children, the young, the vulnerable, the ones who are already in inner city environments, especially and underserved communities that need some help here there are two points in play entertainment tonight usually a fair program. i don't have a beef with them. they are usually fair to us. the central core of this is the my brother's keeper initiative and that if you can't change he was going on in the poor precincts unless
5:17 pm
you change the culture. have you got to stop teenagers from having babies. they don't get into that it's just me bashing beyonce. there is a second element though. >> yeah. >> when you basically are putting yourself out there to make a judgment that this hurts children, oh, no, you can't could that. >> they do it all the time. >> that's where we have the problem because for the past 50 years who has protected kids in the united states? who? >> well, usually families and the entertainment industry will throw up their hands and say parents you have to do a better job. they do make moral judgments. they are their moral judgments. if anyone else has a question and showing beyonce essentially looking like a stripper throughout a lot of her video is probably not the best message to sends to young girls. >> i don't care about it for adults. if you are adult you watch that this all day long. >> watch whatever you want to. >> whatever. it doesn't matter to me.
5:18 pm
beyonce $350 million in the bank. and she is talented. she has a good voice and she could be on broadway. she could do a lot of things. why on earth would she choose to do these vehicle -- i don't get it. >> we can only surmise. maybe this is the only way to feel relevant in a culture continually ramping itself up and becoming more oversexualized. adele doesn't look like beyonce but adele just sings she performs and she has a huge following. it's hard to do that not to have all the trappings much the current culture. you have to stand alone on a stage, you don't lip cinch you perform and it's hard. beyonce does have a lot of talent and she could a great role model. >> snoop dogg can't do anything else. 50-cent he can't do anything else. i got that but this woman, she is very talented and she is supposed to be also -- she knows her talent comes from god. help god out a little bit.
5:19 pm
help god out. just a little. >> but, bill, you are not giving her credit. she has come on board the band -- the word bossy campaign. that's really going to empower girls. >> we're going to do that later. >> i got that later coming up. all right. laura. cammeron and rosen up next. some in congress want to sue president obama. later megyn kelly on that teenage girl suing her parents and miller on a cat menacing a family. those reports after these messages. ut when we sta worrying about tomorrow, we miss out on what matters today. ♪ at axa, we offer advice and help you break down your retirement goals into small, manageable steps. ecause when you plan for tomorrow, it helps you live for today. can we help you take a small ste
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washington beat segment tonight. what the doing about missing jet liner. congress may want to sue president obama. joining us now from d.c. ace reporters carl cameron and james rosen.
5:23 pm
let's start with ukraine, rosen, what happened today? >> well, secretary of state kerry just a little while from now is going to be on an airplane heading to london for two days of last ditch meetings with counterpart sergei lavrov. with him kerry spoke today. the goal for terry is to cut some kind of deal with lavrov. crimea result voting overwhelmingly to have their region, the crimea next formally to russia. cards held by the respective party here. the striking deal with sergei lavrov appear to this observer remote. >> if you guys go ahead and do this we are going to do this to you. does he have a stick? >> he claims he does it's not clear that he does. his claim stick is that the eu all the european countries heavily dependent on russia for energy are standing with the united states and ukraine in this situation. but that remains to be seen. >> what are you going to do
5:24 pm
to putin? you got to put economic sanctions on him and i wonder if kerry -- it's not good to negotiate in the press and we understand that if he is just going to go over there and beg it's going to be embarrassing. the at a time department obviously is responsible for overseas some americans lost on that malaysian airliner. what are they doing it b. it. >> they are not reeledly the lead agency. in fact, what i'm told is that the malaysian military isn't sharing a whole lot of information with the united states and not even requesting a whole lot of help from us. let's talk about what's been reported here. reuters satellites did pick up pings from this jet after it went missing last saturday. we haven't confirmed that independently. u.s. officials tell me this is not, at least so far, being viewed as a terrorist event. that incident poll investigated the whole fake passport angle and reached that conclusion. abc news reported that u.s. officials believe the plane went down in the indian ocean and that's why the pentagon since uss kid a guided missile destroyer to that location for the search. however a pentagon spokesman told fox news today the kid is headed as planned to the
5:25 pm
straight of malacca. there were comments today by the white house press secretary jay carney that briefly revived the indian ocean angst gel for a bit. the pentagon is sticking by what it told us. lastly, our colleagues at the "wall street journal" reported today that u.s. investigators suspect that the plane remained airborne for some four hours past its last confirmed location based on signals that were emitted by component parts of the aircraft that were manufactured by rolls royce and boeing. the malaysians have denied that but this affair has shown, bill, that the malaysians have not always been reliable. >> they absolutely have not. >> haven't always been reliable dispenser hes of information. >> cammeron, get to you, there is is a move in the house to sue president obama. explain that so even i can understand it. >> sure. conservatives say basically president obama hasn't been enforcing a whole bunch of laws. postponed parts of his own healthcare bill. he hasn't been enforcing the border security aspects of immigration. the defense of marriage law, even some criminal sentencing laws they say he ebb ignoring. every house republican and five democrats yesterday voted for what's called the
5:26 pm
enforce the law act which would actually let lawmakers sue any president who doesn't enforce laws. basically file it with a three judge federal panel and then appeal whatever the decision is to the supreme court if they wanted to. the white house has already issued its veto threat. harry reid, the democratic majority leader in the president said it's doa, dead on arrival. >> right. >> it's worth noting here bill that democrats tried to pass a law similar to this when george w. bush was the president and republicans blocked it then. supreme court precedence for a linger time have consistently said that congress really doesn't have standing to sue the president there is a whole bunch of historical predispositions against that called checks and balances that give the legislative branch and jiewcialg branch opportunities to check it. they say it's not necessary. redundant short of impeachment. >> symbolic thing to bring attention to the fact that some people feel the president is abusing his power. >> he said he was going to use his phone and pen and that unilateral ectionive action that he is doing to some is considered abuse and they don't like the fact that there is laws on the books that the administration doesn't
5:27 pm
enforce. >> gentlemen, thanks, we appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. megyn kelly on the new jersey teenage girl who sued and embarrassed her parents. she is now back home. miller on a crazed cat terrorizing an oregon family. wait until you hear this. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. [ male announcer ] it's simple phics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult.
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friends" in the the morning. get to the letters. first one from diane from dallas, texas. when makes me mad is that i am the enemy because i'm not a minority or muslim, homosexual, by sexual or transgender, on welfare or food stamps or poor. because of that i'm ignored. so, this goes back to the silent majority, right? >> yeah. i think there are a lot of people out there who feel the same way she does. enemy is a bit of a strong word. look, if you are taking care of yourself, if you are pulling your own weight and doing okay, nobody is too worried about you. that's the fact of the matter. and i think you and other people would argue that there are young men, babies we talked about the african-american babies 72% of them are born out of wedlock that they would need some extra help, it's a so he seattle americans have generous people they don't want to see this cull can temperature of corruption, this cycle that continues. they want to see something done about it. second letter is a.d., las vegas. i get mad when college
5:32 pm
educated people say i could care less when the proper phrase is i could not care less. then they say fewer when they mean less, then they say hot water heater which is redundant. it's a water heater. educated news anchors do this. i could care less. >> that is one i do not say. >> you say hot water heater. >> i do say hot water heater. i learned something today finance f. it's heating it's goings to be hot. >> it's redundant. >> people complain but when you ad-lib and you are not grammatically correct do you get emails. >> i do. >> all day long. >> it's good we have people out there doing this. >> grammar police. >> companies are starting it put people through remedial english and grammar, 45% of companies. >> because they can't speak. double negatives all the time, for their employees. >> everybody out there never say at the end of the day. that's a fine here on the factor if you say it.
5:33 pm
letter number three comes from kelly ann fisher lives in east band. the only war on women i have seen comes from the left wing in hollywood movies exploit women and rappers. that's true isn't it? >> they are appealing to the lowest common denominator. when i was growing up in the 80s madonna's song like a virgin was considered racy. this is unbelievable. ice cube, eminem. 36 mafia. they talk about not just sexual violence and killings but eminem talking about tieing a woman to her bed and then setting the house on fire. >> he is just a poet. that's just realism in the world that he lives in. >> it's unbelievable. the' cans are at fault for putting that garbage out there. >> the war on women is going on entertainment industry. where is sandra fluke when we need her. here is anna shelter who lives in flag pond, tennessee. mad as hell about women who want to ban women as bossy and using bon stay in role model. okay for beyonce to put out a sex video but i can't say
5:34 pm
the word bossy. what is this bossy controversy. >> sandberg. >> she wrote the book from facebook. and so she is trying to encourage leadership in women. she said as young girls she was called bossy and she felt that was demeaning to her. >> she was aggressive. >> this is a dumb debate to have. there are bigger problems for women in this nation. >> i see her point of ms. sandberg though. >> how. >> there are women who are ambitious. and then if you are some guys try to deride you by saying look this at this bossy. >> i don't see it? >> you don't see it. >> i do is there i sympathize there. last letter comes from jeff lang from newport news, i'm mad as hell that justin bieber has not been deported. is he canadian so could he be deported. >> he could but not for the alleged crimes he has committed so far. do you know that he is here on a visa from canada that allows him to stay because he has an extraordinary ability in the arts? did you know that there was. >> tattoos? >> i mean i guess we can't find enough good artists. >> the guy is a good singer.
5:35 pm
i heard him do let it be. >> bring him into the country and get his tax dollars. >> support if he commits a felony. >> he would have to commit an aggravated felony that would be murder, rape, something violent. a crime involving moral ter at the tuesday. >> turpitude. >> john lennon had a problem in the 60's because he had all the drug stuff on his sheet. >> they tried to get him kicked out. >> heather nauert, everybody. if you are mad as hell we want to hear about it. write us at mad as hell at when we come right back, miss megyn kelly on the new jersey teenager who sued her parents. she is now back home. miller on a crazy video that prompt add crazy cat that prompted owner to make a 911 call. >> he is trying to attack us. is he very very very hostile. >> two words baseball bat. miller is next. ill not getting ?
5:36 pm
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thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight, three hot topics, beginning the notorious case of rachel canning who sued her own parents force them to pay for private school after she left home. the case has now been somewhat settled here to explain miss megyn kelly you see he her right after the
5:40 pm
factor. now the girl is back in the home. >> not exactly settled. she moved back in with her parents probably because the judge tell graphed in every way possible the judge was going to throw her lawsuit april 22nd. back home with mom and dad but has not dropped the lawsuit. so, and her lawyer is now complaining that rachel's parents are pressuring her to drop it. well, that's what any parent would do. >> what's the basis of the lawsuit? >> she claims that they have been abusive to her and that she, even though she moved out of their house because she refused to follow their rules, she claims they still need to pay for all of her expenses, her private school tuition, her college tuition, et cetera, because she is not legally emancipated. she wants it all, bill. she wants to not have to follow the parents' rules. >> what are the rules she didn't have toll fonchts not be with the boyfriend not good influence. thrown out for being drunk and having alcohol on her. >> that's what the judge
5:41 pm
said. what am i supposed to do is shoes nonsense. >> because of this tort craziness, we are going to have this children suing parents and all of that. >> not just rachel canning's fault although it is her fault. it's lawyer's fault. deadly combination to have the pain in the you know what teen and lawyers behind her. >> sue for anything and don't be held responsible for frivolous lawsuits. now, in colorado we all know it's legalized pot and now there is a psa on tv and on the net that discourages marijuana use. roll it. >>
5:42 pm
>> so mocking pot heads. who put that out? >> everybody here in the studio loves it. >> i know. mocking the pot heads because they are all pot heads and they know what pot heads do. that's why they are loving it. self-identification. >> he said it not me. don't show them, they will sue me. >> he they are basically trying to target the target audience. >> well, the feds pay for it but colorado put it out. the state of colorado put it out. driving while high on pot more than half of the dwi suffering out in elder clo. the state legalizes it and then the state puts out antipot commercial? >> they are not antipot. they are anti-driving after having smoked pot. >> and playing basketball and grilling? >> because you compromise your game. carjacking also in colorado. >> a lot going out there amazing video of this car jack. look at that. >> after nearly two hours of running, suspect rhinestone
5:43 pm
side swipes this toyota camry. his fireflies off incapacitating his minivan. car jacks third vehicle. the driver says she thought it was just a fender bender and confused when a man opened her door and told her to get out. she had been listening to the chase on the radio. minutes later the chase found her. >> i was driving and i saw out of the corner of my eye somebody running the red light coming at me at fast speed. i freaked out and he hit me. >> carjacking stuff, do people do time for this kind of stuff? >> this guy is going to do plenty of time. let me introduce to you mr. rhinestone, a man busy over the past 10 years, bill, they say he has been arrested nearly every year since 2003. congratulations to him. he has 11 page arrest record. five prior felonies of which he has been convicted there were warrants already out for his arrest. is he wanted in multiple jurisdictions. and he decides some woman makes a terrible mistake of going in to get coffee and
5:44 pm
leaving her 4-year-old strapped in his car seat in her car and a man like rhinestone walks by. let that be a lesson to parents out there with a baby in the backseat. >> that's kidnapping. >> that's number be number one, absolutely. he could be charged for attempted mur because the other people he endangered one guy he hit reportedly going to be okay but god badly hurt. this guy could be going away for murder. habitual charges. >> so kelly is coming up 9:00 and have the latest on bizarre plane crash thing. stay tuned. two weeks from tonight, right in two weeks from tonight? >> yep. >> kelly and me and kilmeade going to be out on long island center liu post college to do a benefit show on cable news. >> i thought it was our saint patrick's day celebration irish. >> that's monday. now, kilmeade says he is going to give you a hard time. did you know? are you afraid? >> you still won't tell me
5:45 pm
what i'm doing. where am i going. what's going o-to-happen to me. >> it's going to be a lot of fun when you find out that night. >> same person would put her in the good hands of brian kilmeade and bill o'reilly. what can happen to he me. >> three irish people on the set. >> i'm bringing doug. bring in muscle. >> april 3rd out on long island, bill o' we would like to see all of that it's going to be a lot of fun. megyn, thank you. >> wish me luck. >> miller with a wild cat story. right back.
5:46 pm
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5:48 pm
back of the book segment tonight, miller time. so let's get right to the sage of southern california. joins us, santa barbara, california. the other night i'm sure you were watching on c-span some democrats took to the senate floor to talk all night
5:49 pm
about global warming. >> the vast majority of the american people understand climate change is real. there is no doubt about it. >> over 98% of all working, climate scientists believe that human activities have led to climate change. >> if you went to 100 doctors and 98 of them said you were sick and should take medicine, but two told you you were fine and should do nothing, what do you do? >> we are on the cusp of a climate crisis. a point of no return. >> wow. miller. and you live near the ocean, too. >> well, billy, any time anybody burns the midnight oil to make a point about too much energy use, kind of eats into the efficacy of the ardment for me. those four people are idiots.
5:50 pm
i admire the other three for waking up to see what barbara boxer looks like in the morning. her secret service name is polar vortex. she is idiot. she is bat mano she is an idiot. she sleeps upside down, if she thinks there is global warming that is enough of a reason for me to not think there is global warming. because she and the other three massive idiots. we should be ashamed of ourselves for the leaders we pick. >> the poll came out and said global warming is not a concern of most americans. >> because they over-played it. billy, they over-played it. you can go back and watch the movie "inconvenient truth." it didn't pan out, they changed it to climate change. a lot of people said oh, come on. there are legitimate questions out here and they always d
5:51 pm
disparage you, but i can understand if it is getting warmer, i can get the concept of moisture in the air and more snowfall. but i'm telling you if the point of this global warming thing is it is going to freeze us to death i have to climb studeaimp. if i said to barbara boxer why is it getting colder instead of not hotter, quit calling me a fool. >> you know the bottom line, the more the government can control the economy the better it is for the left. that is what they want. >> yeah, well, then you ought to tear into these creepy people. you ought to be tearing them a new one. >> we do what we can. >> no, i mean full bore in, this is crazy neiness, this stuff. somebody has to tear them a new one. >> first, i have to take care of a situation in oregon, miller,
5:52 pm
which is of immediate concern. >> what is that? >> a cat terrorizing the family. roll it. >> we don't know what to do about the cat. he is trying to attack us. he is very, very hostile. i tried to get ahold of animal control. >> hang on just a second, you guys are inside your bedroom right now? >> yeah, yeah, when i leave out the bedroom o-- >> you say the cat is how large? >> 22 pounds? >> whoa! >> 22 pounds. >> that is a big cat. >> have you ever been attacked or menaced by a cat? >> i've been in a cat suit holding a family at bay in their bedroom, but no. they're going to send the cat to therapy. he is all screwed up. the whole life he was told stay off the couch. this guy is a freaking moron, too, i can't believe he is not one of my leaders.
5:53 pm
this cat -- put the cat down, you freaking moron! are you kidding me! i can't believe he doesn't have a girlfriend. maybe you're hiding behind the door with your wife and he thinks gosh, i have to stay with this jerk because i took wedding vows. but if i'm the girlfriend and i'm hiding outside because there is a killer cat, i'm going to move out and go to washington, d.c. and marry a big idiot like chuck schumer. >> i think that pertained to the cat, the cat's name is lux. as i said the guy is keeping the cat. if a cat menaced me, i would get my louisville slugger and the cat would be a ground rule double. >> i would put it there just because he is eyeballing me. you eyeballing me, you looking at me? >> even our cats are obese, that
5:54 pm
is how out of shape this country is. for god's sake, that is how obese our country is. 45 minutes on this cat thing, all cat, all the time. >> miller and i will be at the console energy arena. check it out on bill o'reilly tomorrow night. factor tip of the day, make a fool out of yourself in public, i do it every day. the tip moments away. pay my bill. phone: your account is already paid in full. oh, well in that case, back to vacation mode.
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factor tip of the day, how you can avoid making a fool of yourself in a moment. first, allen, thailand, i just removed all of beyonce's songs from my play list after her disgusting video. small shot across the bow but i want to send a message. and bill, you and beyonce are the same, entertainers who just want to make money. eileen, i agree with you,
5:57 pm
o'reilly, beyonce is a talented role model. as a mother raising a young daughter this made me sad to watch. and jonathan detietz, and diane beyonce has sunk to a new low, she feels no responsibility to young girlins. stephanie, and o'reilly you are young about beyonce, she is showing you can be sexy within the confines of marijuana, that was outstanding about legalizing pot. never thought i would agree with a kennedy that it is just bad policy. and you are just preaching to the choir when you argue about the legalization with marijuana. both men have been there with struggles, and drugs, many americans will not see the big picture because they like to get
5:58 pm
high. it is all about them, not the country. i hope you're not in that category. and i'm a baptist pastor, i believe you are cleverly using your platform, o'reilly, to bring your gospel. san diego, i'm re-upping my billo' membership. smart move, sharon, thank you, don't forget all premium members are entitled to vote in our republican presidential straw poll on the website right now and we'll give you the results tomorrow. it is interesting. blowing rock, north carolina, bill your comment about giving up sugary snacks for lent made an impression on me, if you can do it, so can i. i'm doing it, jean. and o'reilly i'm getting married this summer and have asked our guests to donate to our wounded
5:59 pm
vets, instead of giving gifts. what a patriot you are, your fiancee, too. and the fisher house, all fine chari charities, factor tip of the day. it is simple. if you don't know anything say very little. we asked congresswoman sheila jackson lee to it. >> i should offer a good thanks to the distinguished members of the majority, the republicans, my chairman and others, for giving us an opportunity to have a deliberative constitutional discussion that reinforces the sanctity of this nation and how well it is that we have lasted some 400 years operating under the constitution that clearly defines what is constitutional and what is not. >> so according to ms. lee, the constitution was forged in 1614, the same year pochahontas married. factor tip of the day, silence
6:00 pm
can be golden. that is the factor tip of the day. spout off about the factor, o'reilly@ thank you for joining us, today, i'm bill o'reilly, the spin stops here, we're looking out for you. word of the day, nigon. and there is breaking news tonight. reports that the united states is now convinced the missing malaysia plane did not disappear by accident. welcome to "the kelly file," i'm megyn kelly, a whole lot of information coming in. and a big story breaking moments ago. literally, five minutes ago before we came on the air from "the wall street journal." we'll speak to the reporter who broke the news, and wait until you hear what he says now according to authorities in a moment. but we begin with this. new reports tonight that the plane's communication system was shut down manually and not because of catastrophic faur


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